A bit of time googling and it's surprising how many unknown NetBeans Platform applications are out there. At the moment I have screenshots of a whole bunch of NetBeans Platform applications that I never knew about before. Here's one of them, by cismet GmbH in Saarbrucken, Germany. (They've been mentioned before in this blog a few times.)
I especially like the tabs in the window on the right, and am trying to find out more about it:

The basis of this application is the cismap client development API. That's based on OGC-WMS, which "provides a simple HTTP interface for requesting geo-registered map images from one or more distributed geospatial databases". The cismap client development API comes with a set of powerful widgets and frameworks enabling developers to enhance Java applications with full OGC-WMS feature editor capabilities.
Hopefully an interview with the developers behind this application (and they have others on the NetBeans Platform) will be published on netbeans.dzone.com soon!