Just following on from my last post, we've also added FreeImage to the OpenSolaris /contrib repository. This is pretty useful as FreeImage is used by the image_science ruby gem for manipulating images, particularly creating Thumbnails from uploaded images. FreeImage can be difficult to build on OpenSolaris and the 'freeimage' OpenSolaris package is fully built and includes both a static library and a shared library that can be used to build against when developing applications. You can install this package with the following commands (the first isn't needed if you've already added /contrib as a publisher) :

% pfexec pkg set-publisher -O http://pkg.opensolaris.org/contrib contrib

% pfexec pkg refresh

% pfexec pkg install freeimage

If you then install the image_science gem (along with the RubyInline gem that is used to dynamically build the image_science native library) you won't need to provide additional flags in order to locate the FreeImage library.

FreeImage and ImageScience are used in the Apache Olio Rails applications

Our group also recently integrated WordPress into /contrib (as 'wordpress'). Installing this package will pull in all of the Apache and PHP packages required to run WordPress. It leaves the DB to you as you might chose to run MySQL locally or on a completely different system. It actually really makes installing WordPress and getting up and running really easy. We are also working on adding Drupal, Moveable Type, Joomla!, SilverStripe, Cacti, Ganglia, Nagios, the GNU Linear Programming Kit and Octave.