This week's selection of music fetishes as posted to Twitter, aggregated here for your delectation, delight and convenience. Americans should get the Neko Case track, Brits the David Grey track.

For UK Readers

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  • Chill Pill Speakers - I borrowed a pair of these from Norm Walsh at XML Summer School so people could hear the audio. They are tiny, yet manage to create a huge and complete sound. They have retractable cables and rechargeable batteries. So desirable I instantly ordered a pair.
  • David Grey: First Chance - sounds just like David Grey, so if you like that you'll probably enjoy this track. I do.
  • Animal Kingdom: Silence Summons You- perfectly pleasant band, I'll be watching for other stuff by them.
For US Readers

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  • Chill Pill Speakers - see above, the reviews give more detail on the US Amazon site and the speakers are substantially cheaper.
  • Rufus Wainright: I Don't Know What It Is - Live performance of a likeable if rather plodding ballad. Rather over-orchestrated so that he gets a bit lost in all the instrumentation, but he has a great voice and this is a worthwhile download. I gather this is a bonus track not on his new CD.
  • Anti- Fall Sampler - pretty variable sampler. There's a splendid Neko Case track, Magpie to the Morning, and The Swell Season are good with In These Arms. The venerable Brazilian band Os Mutantes with Teclar aren't bad and I quite liked Jason Lytle with Rollin' Home Alone. The rest - well, I listened so you didn't have to!
  • The Apples In Stereo: The Bird That You Can't See - bouncy buzzy pop with a retro tinge, as you'd expect from them.
  • Kate Walsh's Acoustic EP is still available free for US download (although curiously the individual tracks aren't). Get it now if you haven't already.
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