As almost every extension developer knows the UNO AWT API is the only way to create native dialogs without using VCL (thus, C++) and link against native OOo libraries. Unfortunately, UNO AWT API is missing some complex controls. That's why we started implementing one of this missing features - Grid Control. It displays data in rows and columns, which can give a dialog a more sophisticated look. With the new Grid Control we like to make the daily work of an extension developer a little bit easier.

We like to invite you to give feedback and comments on the work we have done so far. First version with a small (and being far away from complete) but working feature set control is available with the DEV300 m59 developer snapshot OOo and SDK. Details and a sample code for the control can be found here:

Note: Although the implementation of the control has not yet finished (several features are still missing), all available functionality has been tested carefully and should be usable as it is today. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.