Last Thursday (09.15), the Faculdade Integrada do Ceará (FIC) hosted the second Software Freedom Day Event in Fortaleza. I have given a presentation at FIC few months ago about Project Darkstar and Project Wonderland for the students of the Digital Games course.

This time, my presentation was directed at all students and I talked about OpenSolaris. The new FIC's OSUM Leader, Euclides Filizola, was responsible for organizing and advertising the event. It is really nice to see the commitment of all OSUM Leaders in Fortaleza. All the events we had here involved their participation directly in some way.

Here's a couple of pictures:

All the participants received OpenSolaris 2009.06 CDs and folders and I raffled some pens and wristbands too, just like the event we had at Unifor.

I would like to thank Euclides for the effort. He's the one who made it happen!

More information about other SFD events in Fortaleza are coming soon!