VirtualBox users had nothing butpraisefor the emulator last week, starting with a blogger who has beenusing it as a testing forum simplystating, ?VirtualBox, wow!? He also noted there have been?major improvements in the way this software handles new hard diskinstallations, and even better handling with Guest additions andintegration features of the mouse and keyboard.? A blogger has been testing VirtualBox for the past few weeks andsaid ?it'sawesome...set up is a breeze and my installation of Ubuntu into aWindows box went without a hitch.? That sentiment continued with ablogger from declaring?I would definitely recommend VirtualBox to clients,friends, and even enemies as a useful tool in their arsenal.?Finally, a blogger from TTC Shelbyville stated:?VirtualBox is by far the best free virtualization program on theplanet,? noting that it is ?hands down an excellent applicationfor home and enterprise users.?

NetBeans users posted plenty oftips,tricks, and tutorials this week starting with a blogger from the TijuSujono blog who reportedusing NetBeans ?for all my projects, since it does integrate sonicely with Ruby/Webrick/GlassFish/Mongrel for Ruby on Railsapplication development.? The blogger discussed a configuration hehad developed that uses NetBeans with SQLite in this informative blogpost. Another blogger from Tech Solution Logs posted a tutorial thatdemonstratedhow to enhance the usability and appearance of structured documentsusing the jQuery Java Script library in the NetBeans IDE. BloggerRuben showedhow a user can set up an OpenJPA Enhancer Ant task in a NetBeans JavaClass library, while blogger Padam Thapa gavea step-by-step account of how to set up the LLWJGL library withNetBeans.

It was hard to miss theOpenSolarisbuzz in the blogosphere this week with Tux Review's widely publicizedarticle for Linux users wanting to try a new operating system. Theblog simply stated?we humbly suggest OpenSolaris,? and published an in-depthquick-start guide that went through all the highlights of theoperating system including OpenSolaris' hardware support, the ZFSfile system, its virtualization capabilities, and its performance asa desktop distribution. Also this week, blogger Marco reportedon his process of selecting OpenSolaris as the primary server for hishome saying he ultimately chose the operating system because, ?it'sfree, open-source, has a good community and probably the best ZFSsupport of all operating systems.?

Last week, OpenOffice userspraisedseveral features of the multi-purpose office suite starting withJacqueline Emigh from who declaredOpenOffice ?a winner, by and large,? because it provides bothsoftware applications and cross-platform support for a variety ofoperating systems. A blogger from Ethiopian Review statedthat OpenOffice ?is incredibly compatible with Microsoft Office,?and noted that ?OpenOffice has coped exceedingly well,? with usein his day-to-day work. Finally, a blogger reported that she wasthrilledwhen OpenOffice was able to completely handle a critical PDF file andan Excel file, saying ?OpenOffice handled it like a charm...therewere no formatting errors and the graphics came down in place.?