The YANPA (Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application) for today is... V/E Designer by Intelliun. V/E Designer is a Model Driven Development (MDD) platform that "simplifies development of web-based applications and web services by raising the level of abstraction and reducing the complexity in underlying technologies". I.e., a graphic tool for web development.
And here are some screenshots, first the splash screen and then two of the main window, to give an impression of how cool this tool is:

Below you can see how several relevant parts of the NetBeans Platform and NetBeans IDE are reused, while many very specific features have been added that make this tool really unique and give it a value-add as a standalone application:

(It kind of seems that there's one menu for help with big problems and a second one for help with small problems. But remember that it is clearly a Beta release, i.e., look in the title bar.) The screenshots above come from this interesting screencast. Highly recommended to have a look at that!
The latest release of V/E Designer, shown above, is built on the 6.1 release of the NetBeans Platform.