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Social capital is the currency of online communities. Those with the most friends, blog readers, or Twitter followers are the richest—enjoying the finest of online perks and delicacies like celebrity, notoriety, and above all influence—while those with only a passing level of participation lay bereft on the outskirts of the social media circle. The more valuable the content you produce is, the higher your personal stock rises; the greater the exchange of ideas, the richer the community becomes.

Peter Reiser is capitalizing on this concept with Community Equity 2.0, a Java-based social value system that measures and evaluates one's online social capital, or equity. Community Equity goes beyond a simple structuring of people and their online content. Community Equity performs complex calculations to rate one's participation and contribution levels, the ultimate goal being to drive the adoption of content and ideas, which provides an ideal platform for corporate communities.

Listen to this edition of Innovating@Sun in which host Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, interviews Reiser on Community Equity (CE) and:

its Java-based calculation engine
the core components needed to build CE into your existing web structure
CE's involvement with the Eurpoean Union's Kiwi project and Semantic Web
CE integration into the Glassfish WebSpace Server 10
how Community Equity can be applied to any type of Enterprise environment
CE's appearance in the Nielson Norman report
Where Peter sees CE going next, specifically in the Semantic Web space

Be sure to check out Peter's interview with social media expert Shel Israel, too.

Community Equity Specification
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