Is it true? A JDK 6 for 32-bit Macs?! Searching the Apple home page returns nothing. :-o Tomas H. tells me to check the Snow Leopard Release Notes... Heureka!
Java for Mac OS X 10.6
The JavaVM.framework on Mac OS X is provided as an integrated component of Mac OS X 10.6, and vends Apple-provided and 3rd party Java virtual machines via various deployment options (command line tools, applets, applications, and Web Start). Mac OS X 10.6 contains an Apple-provided Java SE 6 version of 1.6.0_15 for both 32 and 64-bit Intel architectures.
I didn't plan to buy Snow Leopard, but hey, if it makes JDK 6 and Web Start work on my old Mac, why not, still cheaper than buying a whole new 64-bit machine. A JDK 1.6.0_15 should even include JavaFX, which has been there since 1.6.0_13 or 14, right? Where's the catch, why are they hiding this so well? :p