An exclusive symposium on increasing energy efficiency through enterprise IT was organized in July 2009 at Bangalore. Where I shared my experiences on creating datacenters, managing energy efficiency and the challenges across APAC region.

With Moore?s law in action, computing capabilities are increasingdrastically and so is the hunger for energy. With chip designersbecoming increasingly efficient and packing better stuff in smallerboxes, the challenge of managing these products is also assuming vastproportions. There is a need to lower the power consumption of legacysystems.

The need of the hour is to get equipped with new technologiesand adopt a smart approach in building the datacenter space. SunMicrosystems formed a group called GDS (global lab and datacenterdesign services) that helped make datacenters more efficient, scalableand flexible. The group devised pod architecture and acted as a bridgebetween IT and facility. The architecture uses the closely coupledcooling approach to make datacenters more efficient in terms ofoperation

Earlier business units were working as silos, but now it?s like afurnished apartment wherein any business unit can plug in at anylocation. I referred to one of the programs "BOYD" (Bring Out YourDead) that emphasizes on removing resources that are not beingutilized.

There's a real good opportunity to cut costs in datacenters,by making them more efficient. To be efficient is also a mandate and inorder to do that you will have to adopt new technologies and getsmarter in your approach to deal with datacenters and curb youroperating expenses, and increase green footprint.

In India power outages and the rising cost of energy are important issues to tackle, as they have a direct impact on businesses.