I've finally worked out how to drive purple-url-handler. StrictlyJohn worked it out, so Iwill standon his shoulders, but for some reason it would not work for meand I now know why and have a workaround.

First you need an XMPP URI on a web page. Some thing like:


will when clicked in a browser that has the right helper,something OpenSolaris has had for some time, will take your IM clientto that room. However with pidgin that is only the case if that roomis available in the first XMPP server listed in your list ofaccounts. So given that this room is on Sun's IM server with the listof accounts looking like this:

Itwill try and connect to the first XMPP server listed, which is googleand hence fail. Changing the order to be:

andthen logging in and out and now the link will work. You can drag anddrip the entries in pidgin.