Last Thursday (September 17, 13:00 UTC), Lars Thalmann explained the Architecture of MySQL Backup. Lars is leading the MySQL Replication & Backup teams, and has given several MySQL University sessions before.

I was on sick leave last week and forgot to announce this session - sorry! However, since the session was recorded (video & audio), you can listen to it anytime. Please find the recording and the presentation slides on this page.

MySQL University is a free educational online program for engineers/developers. MySQL University sessions are open to anyone, not just Sun employees. Sessions are recorded (slides and audio), so if you can't attend the live session you can look at the recording anytime after the session.

Here's the schedule for the upcoming weeks:

  • September 17: Architecture of MySQL Backup (Lars Thalmann)
  • September 24: Concurrency Control: How It Really Works (Heikki Tuuri)
  • October 1: InnoDB Internals: InnoDB File Formats and Source Code Structure (Calvin Sun)
  • October 8: Building MySQL Releases on Unix (Jörg Brühe)
  • October 15: The Spider Storage Engine (Giuseppe Maxia)
  • November 12: Gearman for MySQL (Giuseppe Maxia)
The schedule is not engraved in stone at this point. Please visit for the up-to-date list. On that page, you can also find the starting time for many time zones.