It was an honor to be the guest of honor for sports and cultural event "Spoorthi" at S J M Institute of technology, Chitradurga in the month of May, 2009. The event witnessed a large audience of over 2000+ students, professors and other senior dignitaries. The event gave me an opportunity to share the dais with his holiness Sri Shivamurthy Murughasharanaru

Spoorthi means inspiration, hence I decided to share some success stories and provide few pointers which will help students get exposed to the industry and also provide access to few domain experts in the industry. My small attempt to inspire the large student community present at the event. I started off with the latest happenings / technology in the IT industry like cloud computing, virtualization, green data centers and its importance, and Open Source. Transformation from Industrial age to Information age and Participation age, where everyone and everything participating on the network, with top 20 Social networks having over 1.3 billion users and growing, leading to unprecedented contribution and consumption of compute / storage resources.

Today's students are tomorrow's technologist / leaders and they play a crucial role in taking technology to the next level.

I took a quote from one of the magazines on Open Source, where former President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam stated " In India, Open Source code software will have to come and stay in a big way for the benefit of our billion people." There are various opportunities where students can participate in programs like Campus Ambassador, OSM, various contests like code for freedom etc which will enable students to be better equipped to hit the market as they complete their graduation.

As a closing note, I expressed what I have learnt over years of my experience. Perseverance pays, global downturn is an event in the global economic cycle, we will all get past this stage soon. One who stays focused, acquires the knowledge and build the stamina to compete in this challenging and competitive world will hit the success, as success is inevitable when there is focused effort with consistency.