TheGlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipseis our all-in-one bundle that includes theEclipse IDE(wiki),thatOther IDE,theGlassFish Serverand the GlassFish Plugin(home,intro),all in asingle download.

The GlassFish Pluginteam isupdated quite frequentlybut, fortunately, it is quite easy to update the plugin from the bundle so you don't have to do a full-reinstall.The latest versions of the plugins are1.0.32 (9/4/09) and1.0.33 (9/11/09)- that's just a week apart -and a full list of changes is always available through theRelease Notes.

AlthoughWTP'ssupport for Java EE 6 has beenDelayed until mid-2010the GlassFish plugin provides critical Java EE 6 wizards -see Arun's latest entry in hisTOTD series:Java EE 6 (Servlet 3.0 and EJB 3.1) wizards in Eclipse - and additional wizards areplanned by GlassFish v3 FCS.

These plugins can be installed on Eclipse 3.4Ganymedeand Eclipse 3.5Galileo.Galileo seems to have a nice set of features(Wiki,blogathon,DZone)and a co-bundle of Eclipse 3.5.1, GlassFish v3 and the latest plugins will be available when GlassFish v3 ships.