On 25th September I will celebrate the Software Freedom Day 2009 at Fontys Hogeschool Venlo. I planned a stand in the ICT-building with two computers, and an separate OSUM registration computer. There will also be a lot of give-aways and information material about open source and free software.

I will distribute all kinds of free and open source software like OpenSolaris, VirtualBox, OpenOffice, different Linux distributions and many many more.

For this event I also planned a drawing. Everybody who is member of the OSUM Fontys Venlo club can enter this drawing, since only Fontys Venlo students will attend this event and that's a pretty good chance to combine both: OSUM and SFD. More details on the drawing can be found on the Fontys OSUM group website.

One poster and a flyer has also been created by myself for this event. The post helps me to promote the event before it began and the flyer shows all interested attendees some open source and free software alternatives for their proprietary software products!

The poster is available here:

And the flyer about open source and free alternatives can be found here:

I really hope many students and interested people will attend this event! I will post a summary about the SFD2009 after the event ended (incl. the winner of the drawing).