Across industries, the Sun Storage 7000 family is gaining in popularity. In only 9 months, Sun has shipped over 35 petabytes in its Unified Storage systems portfolio and has doubled the number of customers quarter-over-quarter across industries including education, financial services, government, healthcare, media and entertainment, manufacturing and others that require faster access to data and easier migration paths. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise knowing how much the Unified Storage systems portfolio boosts performance as complexity is decreased.

Today Sun announced additional features and improvements (more than 16 !) to the Sun Storage 7000 family including best-in-class data protection with triple parity-RAID and triple mirroring, enhanced ISCSI support using COMSTAR, Shadow Data Migration, faster cluster take-over times and improved administration. Additionally, there is now up to 30% more controller performance from the Sun(TM) Storage 7410, with new CPUs with up to 24 cores and doubling the cache, which boosts system bandwidth and throughput.

As Sun's Graham Lovell, senior director of Open Storage, puts it: ? Today Sun raises the bar on the industry with added performance and resiliency to the industry's fastest Unified Storage System. Customers can realize as much as a 30% increase in performance and in most cases, faster access to data, simplified data management and easier data migration, even in complex environments. ?

More details can be found here.