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As you will see on the blog we have a listing of events that we are supporting, co hosting, sponsoring, attending or just chilling at, would you like to attend these events ? Would you like a discount on the ticket price ?

Mashup Events-"Investment Opportunities in Digital" - 29th September London - 50% off Demo Slot - Two passes to event

The Next Women - Darwinian Business : Survival of the Fittest - 20% discount - 7th October - London

Media 140 - London - Everything you wanted to know about Brands - 15% discount - 26th October

The 140 Characters Conference - Exploring "The State of NOW" - 12% Discount - 17th November - London

So do you want the discount codes ? Email me Stewart Townsend or @stewarttownsend and as long as you are a Startup Essential member Ill send them direct to you.

Ill be at all these events and more.

Random Codes - discount code of SPKD10