With this blog I would like to introduce FishCAT member Wu Jie. The first part is the FishCAT survey with Wu Jie, the second part is Wu Jie's bio. Wu Jie knows great deal about GlassFish, let's hear from him !

GlassFish Quality Community (GFQC): What functions you like about the GlassFish projects you tested?

Wu Jie: GUI/CMD, EJB/JPA, GMS(shoal/jxta) , OSGi(felix) and so on.

GFQC: What areas you see the project can improve?

Wu Jie: In the abstract I think we may take the following views into improving GF.
1.Friendliness and Accessiblity, we should enhance the friendliness and accessiblity of UI(GUI/CMD).
2.Consistency, we should keep the consistency between GUI and CMD.
4.Compatibility and Portability. Aimming at the other Application Server, eg. JBoss, SpringSource & Tomcat etc. we should enhance the compatibility and portability of GlassFish.

Something in the specific, I look forward the OSGi(felix) in GF V3 or future will get enhanced as to Spring DM Server(allow the user application as the OSGi bundle). Glassfish V3 uses OSGi internally for module-based ApplicationServer to meet user's on-demand requirements now, maybe we should reference to Spring DM Server, improve/coordinate felix(OSGi) and HK2 to take full advantage of the capabilities of OSGi.

The pluggable architecture together with updatetool provides a reliablecross-platform plugin installation and removal. Also the possibility toquickly install plugins from admin GUI or CLI is convenient. One really hasa whole bunch of options to choose from for remote management.Improvement ? Euh.. Well for me it does pretty much everything I need in aweb project. If I have to, maybe the installer can be improved to show moreof what it is doing, and more information in case of an error?

GFQC: What things you like about FishCAT?

Wu Jie: I like the open way to maintance the qulaity of GF, certainly it is efficient. and the I also like the people in Community.

GFQC: What suggestions you have to improve FishCAT program?

Wu Jie: We may should go on promoting "Let GF go into Campus", and invite more and more students come from different specialized fields and different universitis/colleges. By this way we may get some fancy and neoteric test views, certainly the students may spend more time on FishCAT. This is very helpful for GF.

GFQC: Will you continue with FishCAT program?

Wu Jie: Of course, why not? I think it is the best way to improve GF. and I am being encouraged/touched by the work/life passion of the people in the community everyday.

GFQC: Would you be able to bring your friends to join FishCAT?

Wu Jie: I'd like to ask my friends and friends of friends to join in. It's a good/fast way to fix a problem and we may also learn
a lot from FishCAT/GlassFish Community.

Bio: Wu Jie has been engaging in middleware as developer and tester since gratuated from Nanjing University of Technology. He I has bean involved with glassfish since the beginning of 2007, being involved in GUI/CMD, CMP/JPA, AMX/JMX etc. have submitted some issues and related solutions.

He is interested in the tech related to Middleware, e.g ESB(SCA/JBI), BPM(BPMN/BPEL), OSGi etc. He is also self-absorption on XTP, especially In-Memory Data Grid, Oracle Coherrence, Apache Terracotta, GigaSpaces, certainly there is Memcached which is popular with Glassfish.

I learned a lot from GlassFish Community, feeling that GlassFish Community is just like a nuclear reactor, Perhaps everyone is tiny, but once blend into this group, everyone would have qualitative upgrade. I also don't consciously to "pull" my colleagues into the Community. Perhaps this is just the charm of OSS.