Ed Zander, Former CEO of Motorola, Former President of Sun Microsystems had an unscripted conversation with Larry Ellison, Founder & CEO of Oracle at the Churchill Club Event in San Jose.

Ed wanted to interview a person who had longevity in the industry, is relevant today, had great success over the years, faced challenges, changed rules of the game, is opinionated, controversial and wealthy. Larry Ellison was the perfect match

Larry founded Oracle in 1977 with an initial investment of $2000 ($1200 his own money and $800 from his two partners). At end of the trading day on Monday (Sep. 21, 2009) Oracle's market cap was $108.4Billion Over the last 32 years, he has remained focused on product development/engineering activities. What a legacy! Oracle database first ran on PDP-11 minicomputer.

Most of the financial messages from the talk are captured in the mercury news article

"T.J. Watson's company was the greatest company in the history of the enterprise," Ellison said. "We want to be T.J. Watson's IBM."

"We've already beaten IBM in software, now, if everyone will let us, we will beat IBM in hardware," Ellison said. "That is our goal."

According to Larry: - Cloud is just water vapor. The new industry jargon. The technology has been around for more than a decade. It is network based computing with all the complexity in and behind the network. The end users need to just plug in their favorite desktop/laptop and/or mobile device. Watch a previously recorded outburst on cloud computing . After five years, Ed Zander would like to check with Larry Ellison on cloud computing.

- Mobile devices - would like to be the arms dealer who supplies technology to all the device manufacturers. Oracle/Sun's technology focus would be on the enterprise side.

- Supports Linux, but Solaris is more mature for enterprise applications.

- Most interested in the flash memory technology.

- Will not divest mySQL to gain approval from European Union. Believes that European Union will eventually approve the merger.

- Would like to keep Sun's technology - tape, storage, X64 based systems, SPARC, Solaris, Java, mySQL
- Microsoft is obsessed with Apple (Zune, OS), Google (Search) Sony (game console). Essentially focused on consumer space.

- IBM and SAP remain the two primary competitors.

- Dumbest product idea trying to run Oracle database on DOS and OS/2 operating systems.

- Advice to new entrepreneurs - start a business in biotech and/or other industries where innovation rate is the highest. The computer industry is in a consolidation phase similar to the auto/aviation industries

- Advice to future Ex-Chairman of Sun - Scott McNealy - focus on reducing the golf handicap.

A lively conversation, great to see two industry leaders with so much of energy.

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