Dear all,
I feel extremely happy and excited to share with you about the Software Freedom Day event held in Shantou University on Sep 19, 2009. Our topic in this year is ?Free you mind, open your life?. The event held in this year is more impactive and successful than that held in last year. This year, we still cooperate with the Linux Association of Shantou University, but we have more contributors and our team is much stronger. After the event, more than half of the students in Shantou University know about what is Free and Open Source Software. Please follow me and enjoy this great event.
At noon, we set up a show stand and started posting the leaflets to the passers. This is a group photo of our team.

We posted our leaflets at every aisle in order not to miss even a student.

We tried to answer the questions that some students are interested in and introduce the Free and Open Source Software to them. As you can see, the atmosphere is so hot.

We still distributed some liveCD to the students who registered for us.

In the evening, we held a Software Freedom Day celebration party in our software lab. This party not only introduced FOSS to the participants but also brought the interest of FOSS to them. Every participant enjoyed himself. When you come to the spot, you should be shocked by the hotness of the atmosphere.
At the beginning of the party, we played the open video about FOSS.

After the video, Sun Campus Ambassador Zhong Weipeng gave an introduction on FOSS and Sun support for SFD.

Then, OSUM Leader Yan Liebin Gave an introduction of FOSS history.

The president of Linux Association Deng Yingxuan also made a small speech.

The next part is our game activity. We divided the participants into ten groups and our games include team building, guessing words from lively gesture and questions and answers with awards. The participants are active and the atmosphere is lively.
The show of every team's logo, slogan and formation

Guessing words from lively gesture

Questions and answers with awards

At last, we distributed all the liveCD to all the participants. Our event got a successfully ending.