Deploying apps from GlassfishESB v2.1 to GlassfishESB v3.

There's lots of new functionality being implemented for GlassfishESB v3 as part of the Fuji research project. However a very important consideration is that existing projects that run in the current release (v2.1) will continue to work in the next major release (v3).

This how-to shows how to take a simple BPEL project from GFESBv2.1 and deploy and test it in the latest milestone release of Fuji (M8).

Play Screencast

I had to rush through the screencast very quickly to fit in the 5 minute limit imposed by Jing, so here's a run-down of what is happening

  • Start in the GlassfishESBv2.1 environment
  • I already have a simple service assembly with a HTTP BC and a BPEL SE Service Unit
    • The BPEL SU simply returns "Hello " for whatever string is passed to it
  • Run the unit test to show it working
  • The Fuji runtime does not yet support Application Variables, so I replace the variable with the hardcoded value for the HTTP Port
    • Rebuild the application with the hardcoded value so it can be deployed to the Fuji runtime
  • Stop the GFESBv2.1 server so the Fuji Server can be started and use the same ports.
  • To test the project, I've installed the SOAPUI netbeans plugin.
  • Create a SOAPUI project, point it to the service, and test.
Screencast (again).