Yesterday, the parish of St. Andrew's (Saratoga, California) celebrated new ministry with the Reverend Channing R. Smith, our new Rector (senior priest). We also welcomed our own Bishop Mary plus the two Bishops of our Companion Diocese who are visiting this week:

Events started Friday at the San Francisco airport where a crowd gathered with balloons and signs to sing in welcome to Bishop Michael and Bishop Gerard. Yesterday was the Rector installation service at St. Andrew's, and today is a companion diocese service followed by lunch and workshops at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in San Jose, California. Last night's installation was glorious and joyful. I was the driver for the preacher, Rev. Dr. Mark Anschutz, and his wife Peggy so I had the opportunity to talk with them in advance. Leroy Kromm's direction of the music was masterful and inspiring. I am looking forward to hearing more from our visiting Bishops at the cathedral today.

Waiting for the Bishops at SFO
3 Bishops Hugging at SFO
Bishop Gerard Serenaded
Escorting Visitors to Cars
Welcome Songs
Pictures Before Installation
Waiting Under Oak to Start
Waiting to Process
Service About to Start
Bagpipe Band
Installation Service
Welcoming New Rector with Gifts
Three Bishops at the altar
Celebrating Our New Rector
Communion with 3 Bishops
End of Service
Reception after installation
3 Bishops and John Watson-Williams

Images Copyright 2009 by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher