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  • Online dating advice. [link]
    Remember kids, "Yo. S'up?' as a greeting, doesn't impress.
    (via Nat Torkington).
  • World's Smallest Working Model Train Layout [link]
    No problems finding somewhere in the house to lay it out.
    (via HackADay).
  • Good ICHCB and IHAHD pics [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • Excuse me ... [link]
    (via Danek, via Seth).
  • Imogen Heap - First Train Home on Letterman [link]
    (via HackADay because of the monome. I want one).
  • Taking your Lego obsession too far: [link]
  • Death Star over San Francisco [link]
    (via Make: blog).
    10 Ways To Let People Know You're A Bad Python Programmer [link]
    (via Nat Torkington).
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