• Open Source Business Models Redux
    There is no "open source business model" - people only think so because the novel business models they saw arising depended on open source. Open source is simply the aligning of the fractional shared interests of many parties, each with their own motivation and business model. If there's only one business model present, there's probably no community...
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  • Open Source: The War Is Over
    "There is a problem with closed source and it?s simply this. You have no idea what it?s doing or how it is doing it. That?s fine if you trust it, accept its limitations and don?t want to interface with it, but otherwise it?s not so fine." Yes, all those things certain closed vendors say about open source are actually projection. It's closed that has a problem with trustworthiness, function and interoperability. The transparency of open source means less faith is required.
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