Over a year ago, prior to the release of Elasticfox and the AWS Console from Amazon, I created yet another AWS management interface.

At this time I was participating in early access testing of Solaris and Elastic Block Store (EBS). I was tired of typing commands on the command line to start and stop volumes, create snapshots, attach volumes to instances, etc.

I also needed a way to label my EC2 items, sort, filter, run batch snapshots, create more than one volume with a single click, etc.

So, now that AWS Console is available, why I am I bothering to write this blog entry?

The answer is that even though I have not updated the software in a while, myself and some of my colleagues still use this console as the AWS Console is still missing some basic features such as labeling.

If you are interested, you can find more information at awsmanager.com or connect directly at https awsmanager.com. I have made the software available if you want to install on one of your own systems. Tested with Apache and Glassfish app. servers.