Do you hate making sure your mobile game can also run on other devices? Fret not. RealGames which is part of RealNetworks, announced their Federation of Studios which uses the EMERGE platform to aid small and mid-sized game developers with porting.
Port your game to Java ME, iPhone, Android, etc
Here's a quote: Real's EMERGE platform is devoted to the creation of games for touch screen and tilt-enabled mobile devices. EMERGE games can be ported to multiple platforms, including J2ME, BREW, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, Nintendo DSi and Flash. Frankly, I'd first write my game in Java ME since it's so much easier to program then after getting it to a final form, port it to EMERGE to get it on the other platforms like iPhone and Android. No sense having to use the EMERGE platform when you can stick in Java ME until the very last step of switching to EMERGE.