Well, we did it again. Last week Sun released our 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility report. This is our fourth report and, like the ones that came before it, an improvement on the previous year's. I'm proud to say that we were able to include more data than ever before in our 2009 report - no small feat considering our compressed timeframe for this year's report (typically our report comes out in late October; this year we had everything finalized by the end of August). Most of this new data can be found in the Eco Responsibility section of the report: we have more robust reporting about water usage, waste management, GHG emissions (from our logistics suppliers), and product takeback. Dozens of outstanding people within Sun collaborate to gather this data for our annual CSR reporting and this year, despite the constrained resources and business uncertainty, was no exception.

Last year we really pushed the envelope with our web-based report, improving the report's organization and navigability, as well as adding a comments feature to enable stakeholders' ability to interact with the content and with Sun directly. This year, given time and cost restraints, we decided to take a different approach to reporting. Working closely with Celery Design Collaborative, we sought to strip away as much narrative as we could while still presenting compelling data that was easy to find and easy to digest. We hope we have achieved that goal - and I hope you will share your feedback with us here or by emailing csr at sun dot com.

Compressing our report from a 100+ page web-based report to a 12 page PDF meant we removed more than just story-telling. We also left things like year-over-year comparisons out of the report. Where we were able to show performance updates - for example the 15.8% decrease in water use at our U.S. campuses - we did. But given our limited space, we were not able to include year-over-year comparisons for every data point.

Some performance highlights worth mentioning, in addition to the water data, include the jump in our ISS Corporate Governance Quotient to 99.8% for the S&P 500 and 100% for our industry. We also saw a decrease in our operational energy use (9.8%) while increasing the amount of energy we use from renewable sources to 11.08%.

Also missing from this year's report are concrete goals for 2010 and beyond. I know Sun's stakeholder team would have liked to see this - they have been pushing us on this point since the team first convened in 2007. We take this feedback seriously and the improvement in data as well as performance that is evident in this 2009 report is due in large part to the goal-setting we do as part of our reporting process. I want to be clear that our teams set a number of goals to drive toward in the 2010 fiscal year. However, given Sun's pending acquisition by Oracle, we decided it was more appropriate to simply report our performance without specifying goals for the future.

I hope you will download the report, read through it, and tell us what you think. As Sun prepares for the next phase in our evolution, we will continue to focus on our social and environmental performance as key components of our business performance, and stakeholder input and feedback will be integral to our ongoing success.