The last mod_fcgid release was in July 2007. Until this week, that is. mod_fcgid development has moved to the Apache Software Foundation as a subproject of Apache HTTP Server, and we recently released mod_fcgid 2.3.1 as a beta.

You can help ensure that mod_fcgid continues to meet your own needs by helping test the beta; it is also a great opportunity to help the community at large as you find, file, and/or fix bugs in the code or documentation.

Additional fixes made available after the 2.3.1 beta was packaged are available in Subversion. You can check out the absolute latest sources with the following command:

$ svn checkout mod_fcgid remove Apache hat, put on Sun hat

We in the GlassFish Web Stack/OpenSolaris Web Stack development team would love to see a new GA release of mod_fcgid in time to include it in 1.6/2010.02, but the outlook for that is not yet clear.

Web Stack users can easily build the new mod_fcgid for Web Stack as follows:

  • Unpack beta tarball or check out mod_fcgid from Subversion
  • cd to the new mod_fcgid-2.3.1 or mod_fcgid directory
  • Run these commands: $ APXS=/path/to/apxs ./configure.apxs $ make $ cp modules/fcgid/.libs/ /desired/location
  • Edit the LoadModule directives in your mod_fcgid configuration file to point to the beta
The path to APXS will vary based on your platform and distribution:

Platform Install method APXS setting OpenSolaris native (IPS) APXS=/usr/bin/apxs Solaris 10 native packages (SVR4) APXS=/opt/webstack/apache2/2.2/bin/apxs Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 native packages (RPM) APXS=/opt/sun/webstack/apache2/2.2/bin/apxs Solaris 10 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 IPS APXS=/your/webstack/installroot/apache2/2.2/bin/apxs Be sure to skip the make install step and copy to an appropriate location manually so that you don't overlay the product-delivered

If you have build problems, report it to the Web Stack team at

(I'm sorry to say that the beta mod_fcgid doesn't build out of the box with Web Stack's bin/64/apxs command for 64-bit builds. If you need this to work, post to the forum and I'll look for a solution. There's a limitation in the Apache build mechanism which is used by mod_fcgid when you build mod_fcgid outside of the httpd source tree; mod_fcgid's work-around fails with the way Web Stack packages the build files for 64-bit builds. Ugh!)

If you have operational or configuration problems, please discuss it (or file a bug) using the appropriate Apache HTTP Server venue.