We had another visitor to MPK16 next gen work environment blown away by what we have done. Not knowing much about Sun's Open Work, he thought it would be some cool furniture and nothing really new or different. Sitting down with him after the tour, he was totally speechless by what he saw and experienced. If you haven't stopped by to check it out yet, it is a must!

After touring the space to hundreds of people inside and outside of Sun, the consensus is; nobody has seen anything close to what we have done here anywhere else. Even our vendors are impressed with how we utilized their products. Our video collaboration partner actually said he couldn't think of any other place we could add video... Some visitors have seen similar furniture layouts before, but never with cutting-edge technology integrated into a collaborative work environment.

MPK16 next gen is not only a place to come to work, but a destination. Our work environment is a window to the world, literally -- via ambient video conferencing to other Sun offices and work from home employees. It is a truly collaborative environment where you can turn around and see/talk to someone physically 3-feet away from you or see/talk to someone 3-feet away from you on a TV and physically 3,000-miles away.

For more information on MPK16 next gen, visit our wiki or email us collaboration@sun.com