Hi all,

A long time without write here in the blog, but I have good news for all of you.

In the Glassfish community exists a program called Glassfish Quality Community (a.ka. FishCAT), the goal of this program if be part of the beta testing group of Glassfish, and learn a lot of Java EE technology, frameworks, etc.

I'm a member of FishCAT, so...that is why I want to invite you to apply for join us, here is the message of Judy Tang, FishCAT coordinator:

Hi All,

Welcome to the FishCAT - a GlassFish Community Acceptance Testing program. The main goal ofthis
program is to provide opportunity to community to significantlyinfluence the quality of the GlassFish as well
as to get early feedback on stability and usability in GlassFish Betatesting cycle. We had avery successful
FishCAT program for GlassFish v3 Prelude, click youwill see who joined and how many bugs filed.We
appreciate all your help. We had fun and let's do it again !

We will start our second FishCAT program for GlassFish v3 in about oneweek. We would like to invite
you to join FishCAT program by filling out this online application form(click). If you have an experience
with GlassFish andwant to contribute some time and effort to test GlassFish v3, reviewdocs or do i18n/l10n
testing, please join us, applications are being accepted until 9/23next Wednesday.

We will use mailing list quality@glassfish.dev.java.netfor FishCATprogram communication.Your voice is
important to us. Ready to contribute ? We look forward to hearing fromyou !

Best regards,
FishCAT coordinator for GFQC

What are you waiting for? Apply for join to this great community!