The Java ME technology-based Opera Mini 5 browser beta has been released today. For all the developers who say that Java ME technology is not powerful enough to do impressive things on cell phones, take a look at what Opera Mini has done and despair.
Opera Mini developers know Java ME
Here's a quote: Today, the Opera Mini 5 beta has been released, porting all the successful design elements down from Opera 10 to even the most sluggish Java phone. The latest Opera Mini 5 features tabbed browsing, the "speed dial" homescreen with thumbnails of the user's top six most visited sites, support for both touchscreen and keypad-based devices, a password manager, and an interface that is by far the best design work the company has done in the Mini format. That's good stuff. Taking a platform you have on 2.5 billion cell phones and using engineering skills to do fancy things (not relying on someone else). That's what I'm talking about.