The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai have spent millions on buses and a new metro station.

I'm astonished at what's been spent - aside from the new metro, the streets are full of new buses. There seems to be every type of design - bendy buses, short buses, long buses, normal double decker buses, huge double decker buses. No manufacturer's been left out.

All this is fantastic.

I do hope the RTA update their website soon, though. At the moment I have no idea info on the new bus that runs near my house. Where does it start, where are all the bus stops, where does it go and what does it cost? I'm not the only one, it seems, as the bus is always empty.

Growing pains, I expect, that will be solved shortly. I'm surprised there' s not been a bit more information available. The promotion around the Metro, as Alexander points out, was a wee bit strange. We did indeed all notice that a metro was being built - we just needed to be told how to use it, what it would cost and not to press the emergency stop buttons.

All this means I may soon do something momentous - take a bus or a train to get somewhere. A friend of mine visited a few years ago and took a bus from outside our apartment at the time - Sheik Zayed Road to Deira. I was astonished - I had no idea that was where the bus that I occasionally saw near us went to. I don't think he did, either, but it didn't matter as he was a tourist and not going anywhere in particular. For some reason, finding out where buses go seems to be an integral part of bus users' lives.

Now, seven years after arriving, I may be able to use public transport for the first time.

Part of the fun of being home in England on holiday is doing 'normal' things. I love being in London in the summer, taking buses and trains and travelling on the underground. After a while the novelty wears off and I am perfectly happy to be back in Dubai, driving everywhere in comfort.

Now Dubai will give me the choice, at least.

When we moved into our current home, a friend from England asked me how the new place was working out. 'It's great,', I said. 'I can walk around the corner and buy a pint of milk and a paper!'. The friend in question was a bit confused. What was special about that?

Now I can take a bus from the stop round the corner and (soon) get on a train to work. How about that?

I just need to make sure that paying income tax and getting rained on all the time aren't planned for the near future.