ViVu has built a participative event platform for creating interactive video events ranging from small web conferences to large webinars. It's similar to Webex, but with the added interactive video capabilities.

The video service is hosted in the cloud and delivered as ?interactive Video-As-Service?. The backend infrastructure is enterprise-grade and leverages Java EE extensively for all of the modules and web services. By laying these modules on the latest streaming technologies (Flash Media for instance), ViVu is able to achieve a flexible architecture that can truly scale to tens of thousands of participants.

ViVu interface on the client-side comes as a very intuitive browser-based application and requires no client installation as it leverages both Flash and Java extensively. By complementing a patented Flash GUI with high power Java applets, ViVu is able to deliver many features, such as desktop sharing, high quality encoding, etc. right out of the browser across multiple platforms.