I was getting some work done with virtualbox, vnics and

While VirtualBox does reboot rather fast since it virtualised, but why not faster ? Since the bug with VirtualBox and
OpenSolaris was fixed we should be able. And indeed we are.

By taking out VirtualBox from the blacklist of the boot-config SMF service we can then do Fastreboot within a VirtualBox guest with no issues :)

Let see what platforms are blacklisted.

$ svcprop -p fastreboot_blacklist/platforms boot-config
VirtualBox VMware\ Virtual\ Platform MCP55

Ok, lets take out VirtualBox.

$ svccfg -s boot-config:default setprop blacklist/platforms = astring: '("VMware Virtual Platform" "MCP55")'
$ svccfg -s boot-config:default refresh

Now VirtualBox can do fast reboot.

Thanks Darren for the trick with '(..)' for handling multiple strings in the property.