JavaZone 2009 is this week, Sept 9-10th, at Oslo Spektrum. It looks like a nice venue, see Wikipedia and Bird's Eye, and they do all sorts of events, from Tom Jones to Muse.

It looks like a great conference; like last year, Alexis will be there to present on GlassFish v3 and this year Kohsuke will also attend to present on Hudson.

For a full list of the presentations, check out the Agenda and the List of Sessions.

Agile Development is very well represented in the conference, see among others:

Continuous Performance Testing in the Cloud by Ole-Martin Mrk, Eivind Barstad Waaler (also on Hudson)
Agile Application Management by Jahn Arne Johnsen
Agile Enterprise Development with Groovy and Grails by Bjrn Beskow
Agile Specification Quality Control: How to do inspections on any kinds of IT Development outputs for measurement of major defects by Kai Thomas Gilb, Tom Gilb
Scaling Agile Software Development: Strategies for Applying Agile in Complex Situations by Scott W. Ambler
Tools and practices for agile architecture documentation by Per Spilling
Unconscious Taylorism - Why Old Thinking Hinders Agile Adoption by Marcus Ahnve