This is most probably the last post to this blog. The Core QA team disappeared a while ago. Petr, Tomas and Lukas moved to the Cloud Computing QA team at beginning of year 2009. They are back in NetBeans these days but working on different projects then Core and Platform. The NetBeans Platform itself is in maintenance mode for now. Jara moved to different project with new responsibilities in first half of 2009 too. It means that there is no QA engineer dedicated to the Core/Platform now.
There are new community programs that might interest you if you would like to help to test or to fix something in NetBeans Platform (or NetBeans IDE)
  • NetFIX - fix a bug in NetBeansNetCAT 6.8 - NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing Program
Good luck to NetBeans Platform, we really enjoyed the work on it. It was great ride with great community around it. I hope that there will be a chance to meet some of you again. And if you will appear in Prague sometime feel free to contact us with an idea to have some beers in a pub (the worst you could hear is "no, thank you, we don't have time" ;)
Anyway, we will stay close to the NetBeans Platform in future as NetBeans IDE is based on it ;)