How is it going?

Welcome to my new and updated blog. Today I've been informed about a new restructuration in the GEM where I work (Spain) that impacts on me strongly. My boss is another guy who I respect a lot. I think he will do well. But the main thing is that I don't understand this new change.

It seems there is a Storage Specialist Area that report directly to an EMEA Manager. I'm a Storage Specialist but I have to report locally to my manager that manages Generalist Architects. Why? I don't know but it is something strange.

Oracle is likely to take the control of SUN Spain before Christmas, and they'll probably change the way in which we are organized. So, why this new announcement? Why this new organization? What is it being cooked?

All this kind of messages, announcements et all only make me think about somebody who are preparing their positions in Oracle. I hope I'm wrong, otherwise what an incredible way of wasting money and time...

Well, for today that's all. I hope to write about technology next time. Sorry for the incovenience.