5 Key Benefits of this course

* Understand the ladder of equity finance including the 4 different types of business angels.
* Watch 'active' pitches on cmypitch.com and learn what content is required in a pitch.
* Watch 10 entrepreneurs actually pitch for funding to 5 Dragons (see below) and 50+ investors at "cmypitch Live". There is no better way to learn than seeing real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors.
* Learn what financial forecasts are required and how to ensure your company is tax efficient (for your and for investors).
* Legal aspects of raising finance explained.

1) Sean Seton-Rogers of Profounders Capital (founded by Michael Birch and Brent Hoberman);

2) Tim Levene (founding investor in Crussh Juice Bars, Flutter.com (now Betfair), and running growth capital fund backed by J Rothschild.

3) Andy Hart (former CEO of AskJeeves UK, former MD of Associated Northcliff Digital, Chairman of Kratos IP fund);

4) Rob Hamilton (founder and CEO of Instant Offices); and

5) Gregory Kris (serial internet entrepreneur).


The course is delivered by Emmett Kilduff, CEO of cmypitch.ie. Emmett will also invite guest tutors on specific topics.


09.00: welcome.

09.15: practice your 2 minute elevator pitch.

10.00: understanding the funding "game".

11.00: what to include in your pitch including tips from top entrepreneurs e.g. Doug Richard, James Caan.

12.00: review of selected pitches on cmypitch.com.

13.00: break for lunch.

14.00: financial forecasting and ensuring your company is tax efficient.

15.00: demystifying the legal aspects of raising funding.

16.00: practice your 2 minute elevator pitch.

17.00: networking over a drink.

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