What's up in OOo 3.2?

In 2 weeks it is planned to branch off the code line for OOo 3.2. A Beta will be released based on that version if the members of the release status meeting approve it.

Currently the developer milestone DEV300m57 will be uploaded and will be available soon. To help checking the new features or finding the new UI for translation I created a Wiki page with all integrated feature and enhancements (based on the feature announcements).

Please take a look at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/...ze_Testing_3.2. This list is more technical orientated and includes all information about specifications, test case specifications, CWS names etc. I will update the list as soon as possible when more features and enhancements are integrated in the next developer milestones.

Feel free to use this version to give us feedback. Every feedback is welcome on qa@dev.openoffice.org. Show-stopper issues can be discussed on releases@openoffice.org.