I'm not a Perl expert, not even someone who know how to actually program in Perl. So please don't expect anything miraculous about Perl coming through my keyboard. I happen to prefer PHP or AWK personally, but I respect Perl very much. And sometimes, even recently, it has saved my life.

The directory tree of a big server changed and I needed to update outdated path details in some hundreds configurations files.

Usually I do this using sed, but this time I was on a system without any GNU sed available:

[oswald@solaris10 ~] cat lifeMy life is so bad![oswald@solaris10 ~] sed -i 's/bad/good/g' lifesed: illegal option -- iIn this case Perl was my life saver:

[oswald@solaris10 ~] perl -pi -e 's/bad/good/g' life[oswald@solaris10 ~] cat lifeMy life is so good!Thank you, Perl.