Overview of items/lists/tables for upcoming NetBeans Platform Refcard on DZone:
  • Main APIs
  • Layer attributes of actions
  • Layer attributes of TopComponents
  • Properties of property sheets
  • Properties for explorer views
  • What the base NetBeans Platform consists of
  • What each module is used for
  • List of actions (CallBackSystemAction, etc)
  • Window system client properties
  • Getting Started in 5 Steps
  • List of default modes
  • FreeMarker templating
  • Conversion table for File, FileObject, DataObject, Node
  • What API wizards are available and what they do
  • Editor folders in layer file
  • List of widgets in Visual Library
  • List of explorer views
  • List of NetBeans Platform extension points
  • Project-level default actions
  • Node-level default actions
  • List of minimum set of APIs that everyone should be familiar with
  • File-level MIME type XML file
  • All annotations and their attributes
  • List of active/non-active explorer views
  • Old vs. new ways of doing things
  • Top 10 lesser known but very useful APIs
  • Top 10 questions asked on the mailing list
  • E-mail addresses and URLs that everyone should know
  • Utility classes and methods, such as ImageUtilities, NbDocument.findLineNumber
  • Tips for using layer.xmlList of reusable components (Output window, Favorites window, Palette, etc) and how to include them

Basically, the refcard should provide a centralized and, importantly, DEFINITIVE place where settings such as 'suppressCustomEditor' (for removing the "..." button on property sheets) can be located.
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