I can only imagine the conversations that go on at Range Rover HQ.

All the experienced engineers sitting around deciding that it's a great idea to use coatings on the door handles, steering wheel and elsewhere that peel in the heat. Then the conversation comes around to the floor and floor mats.

'I know,' says Phil. 'Let's coat the sides of the doorwell with some black stuff that's actually pretty resilient and won't peel in the heat or get damaged too easily, just for a change.'

'Fine by me,' says Dave. 'But for balance, let's fit floor mats with sharp metal edges that cut through that coating after a few years' use. Customers expect consistency after all.'


Do they have a special committee dedicated to reducing resale value as much as is possible?

Have any of them driven a Lexus recently and noticed anything falling to pieces?

I wonder if these quirks have been fixed in the revamps that came after my 2003 model. I expect the answer is 'no'.