As part of the value of your Sun Contract, you can collaborate with a network of your industry peers, support professionals and Sun experts to exchange information, ask questions and get answers on the Sun Private (Contracted) Forums. New Topics include:

Patches - Welcome to the "Let's talk patching!" Community Forum! The primary purpose of this Community Forum is to enable discussion on Patching Strategy and Best Practices with peers and Sun folk, including potential enhancements to improve your patching experience. It is important to note that this is not an official Support channel. To ensure optimal support, you must continue to raise Service Requests for specific patching issues through the normal support channels, although you may use the Patch Issues sub-forum to see if others have experienced similar issues and know of workarounds or available fixes. As with other forums of this nature,
Sun does not guarantee to answer all questions posted.

SunSolve - Welcome to the "Let's Talk SunSolve!" Community Forum! The Community Forum is designed to server the broad SunSolve Community, discussing knowledge, content access. Issues around Patching are discussed in the
Patching forum.

Member Support Center (MSC) - Welcome to the "Let's Talk MSC!" Community Forum! This Community Forum is designed to serve the MSC Community, discussing a host of MSC-related topics & articles, as well as specific MSC issues. As with other forums of this nature, we do not guarantee an answer to all questions posted. This forum is continually monitored for feedback, so
please keep the feedback and questions coming so we can improve your online experience.

Additional Topics will be added in the coming months.

These forums allow you to ask questions but they do not replace the existing support process, which is accessed via selecting "SunSolve Feedback" or if it's content related selecting [ + ] on the page with the issue.