Sun Microsystems has just published a list of speakers for the HPC Virtual Trade Show on September 17.

Andy Bechtolsheim, Sun co-founder and Chief Architect

Marc Hamilton, Vice President of HPC and Cloud Computing sales

Dr. James H. Leylek, Executive Director of the Computational Center for Mobility Systems, Clemson University

David Padgham, Policy Director for the HPC Initiative Council on Competitiveness

Dr. Nash Palaniswamy, Senior Manager, Throughput Computing, Intel Corporation

Wes Shimanek, Strategic Marketing Manager for technical Computing, Intel Corporation

Gary Tyreman, Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Division, Univa UD

Join us for the only virtual conference dedicated to the best in high performance computing. The online event will give you an opportunity to hear from compute and HPC guru Andy Bechtolsheim and industry experts discussing the trends and issues facing the computational ecosystem. Full Story