Hi All,

So it's taken about a week now, I've moved all the netbooks I have off SXCE to OpenSolaris 1002 B121.

I have the MSI Wind U100, Acer Aspire One 8' and 10" with clean installs.

So from now on I just have to say OpenSolaris not Nevada.

Only issue I really had was the Attansic controller on the AA10, I already had the SUNWatge package from B123 and just added it.

I've been doing the installs of USB sticks which is really much better than having to attach an external USB drive.

I've been working with an external laptop Blu Ray device that I picked up of EBay for about $50.

It's working really good on a desktop, I was hoping one day to add it to my Asus C90S one day and play Blu Ray movies.