Kevin Li, a Sun Campus Ambassador and OSUM Leader at the South China University of Technology (SCUT) reported on the status of the OSUM SCUT 3D virtual campus project called ?WonderSCUT,? built with Project Wonderland.

Project Wonderland is a open-source Java toolkit designed to create collaborative virtual worlds. Users within the worlds can communicate with high-fidelity, immersive audio, share live desktop applications and documents which allows them to conduct real business!

Kevin last reported on the OSUM SCUT 3D work in March, when the group had built a virtual classroom building that included conference rooms and learning centers ? it was very impressive! However, Kevin reported that because the precision of the 3D models were so high, the client performance was not up to par.

In revisiting the building design, OSUM SCUT focused on controlling the number of polygons and the precision of the 3D models, to ensure, as Kevin noted, ?a common modern computer can run it well.? In this blog Kevin posted pictures of a virtual museum that shows both the history and large overviews of the SCUT campus. Kevin noted that when referencing the real museum on the SCUT campus, ?the virtual one looks pretty (much) like the real one.?

Click here to check out some screenshots of the virtual SCUT campus created by members of OSUM SCUT. Congratulations to all the OSUM SCUT members on their fantastic efforts; I can't wait to see the next update! I am glad you are making good use of the open-source Project Wonderland toolkit, I am curious to see whether any other OSUM groups are giving it a try as well?