In a previous post I announced that we were conducting a survey to get a better understanding of who is using Project Darkstar and for what. People have been asking if we would share some of the results. In response, I have created a wiki page on the Project Darkstar site and posted a summary of the results obtained as of September 1, 2009. Please check it out!

A few highlights include:

1) 83 respondents - in our opinion an outstanding response rate for a survey of this type

2) 59% (49) are using Darkstar for a game or applicaton

3) 45% (37) plan to release a commercial Darkstar game or application within a year

4) 78% (65) answered question 6 and 58% (48) answered question 8 - with some great suggestions and comments - very helpful!

With regard to the "most important thing" (question 6) for us to do, the most common answers were multi-node scaling (28) and better documentation and examples (13). From this, it appears that the primary focus of our technical efforts - solving the multi-node scaling problem - appears to be in alignment with the highest priority of our developer community. So it seems like we're on the right track. (And we hear you about getting better doc and examples. :-)

We expect to continue to update the results as more responses come in.

If you already responded to the survey - thank you! If not, it's not too late. At this point, the survey is still open and we would welcome your input.