As a quick follow-up to the introduction to 3-D Java games with jME and NetBeans that I wrote: I uploaded the sample project to Kenai now. (No Kenai login needed.)

  1. In NetBeans, choose "Team > Kenai > Open Kenai Project" from the main menu.
  2. Search for "samples catalog". Select the found entry and click OK.
  3. In the Kenai window, open the Sample Catalog entry, open the Sources section, and click Get.
  4. Leave the settings in the Get Sources dialog, only under "folder to get", enter Samples/Java/Hello3DWorld (or use the Browse button). Press the "Get from Kenai button".
  5. If NetBeans ask "Do you want to open the project?", answer yes, and the sample project appears in the Projects window.
If you use an older version of NetBeans without the Team menu, download the zipped NetBeans project directly.

The project's libraries and packaging scripts are already set up, so that you can use it as the base for your own jME-based project. You will still have to learn the jME APIs, but at least you don't have to worry about libraries and linking. :)

PS: I also contributed the Getting Started with jMonkeyEngine + NetBeans tutorial to the Community Docs page. It describes in detail how this sample project was created, and contains additional tips where to find sample code and how to set up code completion etc for jME APIs in NetBeans.