The IBM DB/2 jdbc driver db2jcc.jar has a accompanying license file called db2jcc_license_cu.jar.

Both jar files must be part of the DPS java environment. If you don't, you'll get errors similars to "cannot connect to JDBC datasource ..... license is not present". To provide both jar files (driver and license), use dpconf command as follow:

$ dpconf create-jdbc-data-source -b sample -B jdbc:db2://hostname:50000/ -J file:/path/to/db2jcc_license_cu.jar -J file:/path/to/db2jcc.jar -S db2-source

Corresponding LDIF entry in the proxy configuration file looks like that:

dn: cn=db2-source,cn=data sources,cn=config
dbUrl: jdbc:db2://hostname.domain:50000/
objectClass: top
objectClass: configEntry
objectClass: dataSource
objectClass: jdbcDataSource
jarUrl: file:/usr/ds/sberthol/db2/etc/db2jcc.jar
jarUrl: file:/usr/ds/sberthol/db2/etc/db2jcc_license_cu.jar
dbName: sample
cn: db2-source
enabled: true
dbPassword: {3DES}3r1CipqhECC5E4JOLE8geyV3G9e9+QIq
dbUser: db2inst1