What are customers searching for in the SunSolve Knowledge base ?

Customers are interested in these areas.

1. How to enable their system for support, with explorer documents and the Service Tools Bundle being areas of Interest. Customers can make use of sneep from the Service Tools Bundle to enter their serial number so that they can remotely access this when being asked by the Sun Support Centers for a valid serial number to create a Hardware Support Call. The explorer files enable Sun Technical staff to quickly analysis what issues could be effecting your system. Together these are great reasons why customers should download and setup explorer and sneep. [Download Link] [FAQ PDF] [Explorer Data Collector] [Service Tools Bundle FAQs]

2. The second core are is divided into two ares. The first is understanding the EOSL dates for Solaris and what is in the Entitlement policy for Solaris. Solaris 8 went into phase 2 of EOL which means any new patch or a later revision of the Solaris 8 patch requires a Vintage 8 Solaris Contract. This is closely linked with searches on Upgrading to Solaris 10 with documents such as: Solaris Live Update Software: Patch Requirements and SPARC: Using Solaris Live Upgrade to upgrade from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10 05/08 or later.

3. The third area, is all around patches and wget. In the coming weeks Sun will have a new contracted forum on http://forum.sun.com for entitled customer to discuss with their peers and Sun subject matter experts issues around patching.

4. Contracted customers are also looking at the Guide to System Troubleshooting fo rthe Sun x64/x86 hardware platforms. [Login to SunSolve and then you can view Solution 211405]

5. The 5th area customers are searching on is Security Sun Alerts. The document explains the sections in a security vulnerability and related terminology.

What are you interested in finding in the SunSolve knowledge base ?

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